World Maker Faire

The Greatest Show (& Tell) on Earth!

Maker Space

A Great Place to Tinker Together.

Design Lab

Activity Spaces that Tap into Design Thinking.

Making a Platform for Empowerment

NYSCI’s Director of Maker Programs, David Wells writes about youth and education in Maker Spaces.

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Maker Space Group Programs

Maker Space is a learning environment where school groups and teachers can tinker, design and create together. Everyday materials are reused in exciting ways that encourage experimentation and collaboration to develop 21st-century skills.

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Design Lab Activities

Enhance your field trip with a Design Lab Activity Session.

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World Maker Faire

Visit the Greatest Show (& Tell) on Earth! NYSCI hosts the annual World Maker Faire in partnership with Maker Media.


NYSCI Maker Workshops

Maker activities that suit you.

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Free Maker Resources for Everyone

Get inspiration for your project or space.

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In this first contribution of Everyday Making, David Wells tells a story of some creative problem solving that he noticed recently while out in his neighborhood.
Ever wonder what it would be like to be transported inside your own drawing? In this activity, we will explore how you can use a $5 cardboard VR viewer, a smartphone, and your artistic skills to design a customized 360-degree virtual environment.
In this activity, you’ll be harnessing the power of the force, learning a little bit about light and how to manipulate it, and creating paper circuits as you build your own handmade lightsaber.

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NYSCI Maker Events All Year Round

Build large structures and sculptures using only wood dowels and rubber bands.

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Explore shapes and structures by building with PVC pipes and connectors.

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Build structures that use Legos, Zoobs, and other building kits.

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Bug Day
June 30
12 – 4 pm

Hold bugs, make your own Bobble Bug, or explore the science of beeswax at this annual event.

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