World Maker Faire

The Greatest Show (& Tell) on Earth!

Maker Space

A Great Place to Tinker Together.

Design Lab

Activity Spaces that Tap into Design Thinking.

Making a Platform for Empowerment

NYSCI’s Director of Maker Programs, David Wells writes about youth and education in Maker Spaces.

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Maker Space Group Programs

Maker Space is a learning environment where school groups and teachers can tinker, design and create together. Everyday materials are reused in exciting ways that encourage experimentation and collaboration to develop 21st-century skills.

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Design Lab Activities

Enhance your field trip with a Design Lab Activity Session.

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World Maker Faire

Visit the Greatest Show (& Tell) on Earth! NYSCI hosts the annual World Maker Faire in partnership with Maker Media.


NYSCI Maker Workshops

Maker activities that suit you.

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Free Maker Resources for Everyone

Get inspiration for your project or space.

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NYSCI's inaugural design fellow who's changing the way kids connect with science and making.

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There’s so much to explore and see at the New York Hall of Science.
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NYSCI Maker Events All Year Round

Civil Engineering Day
February 19
11 am – 4 pm

Learn about civil engineering through interactive games, construction challenges, and hands-on activities presented by the metropolitan section of the American Society of Civil Engineers.

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Engineering Week
February 19 to February 23
12 – 4 pm

Celebrating Engineering Week, with talks by different engineers and professionals in the robotics field, along with activities and challenges to put those ideas into practice in NYSCI's Design Lab.

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ASD Workshop: Paint Party
February 24
10:30 am – 12 pm

Investigate colors and invent new ones. Mix up your own batch of washable fluffy paint from everyday ingredients to make a work of art.

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Make It: Felt Painting
February 24
1:30 – 5:30 pm

Be inspired by the microscopic world to create unique and colorful works of wool art.

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