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Explore all of the free, fun, digital resources NYSCI has to bring learning into the home.

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The Science Behind The News: What Is COVID-19?

We developed a brand-new exhibition about viruses to help you make sense of the news.

Science in your backyard.

Discover over 450 exhibits, events, and workshops designed to engage ages 1 to 100. With over 100,000 square feet of indoor exhibition space, plus 60,000 square feet of outdoors, you’ve got room to explore!

At-Home Activities
At-Home STEM Resources

These free, fun, at-home resources encourage open-ended exploration, imaginative learning, personal relevance, deep engagement and delight for all age ranges.

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STEM Resources for Teachers

A comprehensive list of online resources to help you in the classroom.

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Based on the West Nile Virus outbreak in New York, Transmissions: Gone Viral is an interactive graphic novel about viruses and superhero scientists. Click to read!

At NYSCI, we aim to create a future fueled by invention

A Community Partner.

NYSCI serves the most diverse audience of any science museum in America. We’re also making a difference globally, with our learning laboratories and apps.


Community Engagement
NYSCI Neighbors

NYSCI is collaborating with the local community to build a rich ecosystem of STEM opportunities for educators, young people, & families in Queens.

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What is the Designers-in-Residence Program?

NYSCI is seeking deep engagements with local thinkers, creators, makers, educators, artists, technicians, architects, and engineers working in and around the design community for the second year of its Designers-in-Residence (DiR) Program.

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High schoolers are invited to interactive workshop with a college financial aid professional that demystifies the types of financial aid available to undergraduate students, and how to qualify.

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High schoolers are invited to interactive workshop where we address your questions and more about the transition from high school to college.

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