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The Science Behind The News: What Is COVID-19?

We developed a brand-new exhibition about viruses to help you make sense of the news.

Virtual Exhibit: Amazing Brains

NYSCI's first virtual art exhibit, Amazing Brains, melds science and art to create extraordinary images of brains in many different ways.

Science in your backyard.

Discover over 450 exhibits, events, and workshops designed to engage ages 1 to 100. With over 100,000 square feet of indoor exhibition space, plus 60,000 square feet of outdoors, you’ve got room to explore!

At-Home Activities
At-Home STEM Resources

These free, fun, at-home resources encourage open-ended exploration, imaginative learning, personal relevance, deep engagement and delight for all age ranges.

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Video (English & Spanish)
DIY Video: Upcycle a T-shirt into a Shopping Bag (Bilingual)

Old t-shirts can be given new life by turning them into a reusable shopping bag! Learn how, follow along in this bilingual DIY video from New York Hall of Science, narrated in both English and Spanish.

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Kitchen Science en Español
Ciencia Cotidiana: Mantequilla Casera

La ciencia empieza en la cocina. ¡Hacer mantequilla en un frasco es una actividad familiar perfecta que es divertida, fácile incluso podría ahorrarle algo de dinero! Solo necesita un ingrediente: crema para batir.

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False Conviction: Innocence, Guilt & Science

Available to read on Apple Books, False Conviction: Innocence, Guilt & Science will will change how you view the role of science in the legal system. The interactive ebook focuses on real cases in which eyewitness accounts, confessions and crime lab tests led to false convictions, and where DNA evidence helped exonerate the innocent.

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Visual Activity Guide
Ice Cubes and Cornstarch Visual DIY Guide

Visual activity guides are perfect for early learners. What happens when you mix water and cornstarch? You get oobleck! Put a fun sensory spin on this classic science experiment by incorporating ice cubes to make oobleck.

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Modern science learning for the moment


Based on the West Nile Virus outbreak in New York, Transmissions: Gone Viral is an interactive graphic novel about viruses and superhero scientists. Click to read!

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Community Engagement
NYSCI Neighbors

NYSCI is collaborating with the local community to build a rich ecosystem of STEM opportunities for educators, young people, & families in Queens.

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What is the Designers-in-Residence Program?

NYSCI is seeking deep engagements with local thinkers, creators, makers, educators, artists, technicians, architects, and engineers working in and around the design community for the second year of its Designers-in-Residence (DiR) Program.

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