• The Technology of Transport

    The Technology of Transport

  • Greatest Show (& Tell) on Earth

    Greatest Show (& Tell) on Earth

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    Now open this summer

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    Visit our groundbreaking exhibit

This Week at NYSCI


  • Transmissions

    mosquitoNYSCI is creating an interactive comic book for middle school and high school students. The ebook aims to demystify how humans can get diseases that also infect birds and other animals.

  • The Envelope Please …

    Visitors at the Connected Worlds exhibition.Connected Worlds is a finalist for the Jackson Hole Science Media Awards.

  • Bringing Makerspaces to Hospitals

    MakerTherapy_wom_postNYSCI's Maker Therapy has been highlighted by the White House as one of the nation’s major commitments to the National Week of Making and President Obama’s Nation of Makers Initiative.

  • Making America Love Math Again

    primariesThis election year, one thing is clear: Someone out there is having a lot of fun with math.