• NOW OPEN: GingerBread Lane

    NOW OPEN: GingerBread Lane

  • Maker workshops all month!

    Maker workshops all month!

  • Noticing Tools available in the App Store

    Noticing Tools available in the App Store

  • NOW OPEN: Connected Worlds

    NOW OPEN: Connected Worlds

This Week at NYSCI

  • Science Inspires Art: Biodiversity/Extinction

    ArtBiodiversityExhibit_Ingoldsby-TheLastMigration-NYSci.750pxwideMore than 20 artworks explore the themes of biodiversity and extinction in this juried exhibition organized by Art & Science Collaborations, Inc.

  • GingerBread Lane

    GBLMarvel at homemade gingerbread houses made entirely of edible gingerbread, royal icing and candy.

  • Nikon Small World

    #1 - bee-eye100x750pxwideView the winning images of the 2015 Nikon Small World Photomicrography Competition.

  • Little Makers: Creative Circuitry

    15030168814_c83908d3c6_kNovember 29; Explore conductivity using everyday materials. Use copper tape, LEDs, paper and cardboard to make your own light-up creation.