Preschooler’s Birthday

Ooey Gooey Playdough

Ooey Gooey Play-Dough Party!

Ages: 3 and older

The Ooey Gooey Play-Dough Party at the New York Hall of Science is a fun-filled party involving science, sensory play and more! Your little ones will create play-dough from scratch and then shape, sculpt, pull, mash and build anything their scientific minds can imagine. A guessing game encourages kids to craft play-dough into specific objects and have others guess the shapes. The two-hour party features favors, music, cake, activities and tons of fun with play-dough!


Future Scientist

Space Ace Bday

Space Ace

Ages 6 and older

Prepare for liftoff and see our real NASA Rockets! Test your own rubber band rocket’s flight and see if you can launch a stomp rocket higher than your friends. Finally, splash down into our private birthday party room to enjoy some out of this world lunch and cake.


Magic & Science

Ages 6 and older

Abracadabra!! Ever think about how magicians are able to perform all of their tricks?
Celebrate your child’s birthday with a Magic and Science party, and learn the science behind the tricks as you watch a live magic demonstration, and create your very own optical illusion during our magic box activity.


The Science of Slime

Ages 8 and older

Become a junior scientist as you conduct hands-on experiments making thermochromic slime – and learn the chemistry of how it changes color!


Gross Out Science

Ages 8 and older

Explore the gross side of science while watching a real cow’s eye dissection! Then, put your skills to the test by creating science slime to take home. This party is extra messy!


Outdoor Themes

Minigolf Bday

Rocket Park Mini-Golf: Where Fun and Learning are Par for the Course!

Rocket Park Mini-Golf is currently under renovation, on track to re-open in Spring 2020.

Ages 7 and older

Here’s a chance to make your child’s birthday skyrocket! Have fun and learn while partygoers journey through space—from lift off to splash down—beneath NYSCI’s signature 1964 World’s Fair rockets. Kids and adults play around, then make “flying saucers” to take home. Additional fee of $100 applied.


Science Playground Adventures

Ages 4 and older

It’s 60,000 square feet of outdoor fun! Through dozens of playground elements like slides and our very own spider web that you can climb, partygoers explore the scientific principles of motion, balance, sound, sight and simple machines, as well as sun, wind, and water.


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