Bday FAQs

At what times can I have my child’s birthday party at NYSCI?

Saturday & Sunday Party Times:

  • 11 am – 1 pm
  • Noon – 2 pm
  • 2 pm – 4 pm
  • 3 pm – 5 pm


How do I reserve a date for my child’s birthday party?

NYSCI offers a private party room for children’s celebrations. Reservations can be made by phone and are based on space and time availability. We require reservations be made at least 1 week in advance. A $150 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your party. We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express or cash. To book a party, please contact our Birthday Party Coordinator at 718-699-0005 ext. 353.


What happens at a NYSCI birthday party?

The SUPER package is two hours in length. The party consists of a tour, a demonstration, a craft activity and time in the Birthday Party Room for snacks and cake. Each segment of the birthday party is 30 minutes in length.The DELUXE and PREMIUM packages are two and a half hours long also consisting of a tour, a demonstration, a craft activity for 30 minutes each, plus one hour in the Birthday Party Room for snacks and cake.


What does the NYSCI Explainer do?

Each party receives an Explainer to lead your guests through the museum. The Explainer greets your guests and stays with you for the duration of your party. They will lead you and your guests to each new activity. They are also available to answer all of your science and exhibit related questions.


Where do the party guests park?

NYSCI has an on-site parking lot with over 300 parking spots. All birthday party attendees are directed to give the name of the birthday child to the parking lot attendant for free parking.


Where do I go when I arrive for my birthday party?

Inform the Security Guard at the main entrance that you are at NYSCI for a Birthday Party. You will then be directed to our Veil Gallery where all of your guests will meet as they arrive.


What kind of cake comes with the birthday package?

Every party is provided with a 10″ round cake. We offer chocolate or vanilla cake with a variety of filling options such as chocolate mousse, vanilla mousse, chocolate pudding, vanilla pudding, strawberry or lemon. The choice of frosting is either buttercream or chocolate. “Happy Birthday (your child’s name)” is written in the color of your choice. You can also add either rosettes or sprinkles in the color of your choice. If you would like to bring your own cake for your child you are more than welcome. We can substitute coffee and tea for it.


Can I bring my own food and cake?

Outside beverages and birthday cakes are allowed, however, NYSCI does not permit other types of outside food to be brought in. Your birthday party package includes a lunch order for 24 guests. Additional food can be purchased through our on-site caterer.
Please note: all alcohol, including beer and wine, is prohibited.


What if I need to cancel my party?

There is a $150.00 non-refundable deposit required to reserve your party date and time. The balance is payable the day of your party. Should you have a change of plans and need to reschedule your party, you may contact our Birthday Party Coordinator. We can transfer your deposit to another date if one is available. There is a $75 fee to move your date.

Late party arrivals risk a compromised time schedule. No refunds are available for late arrivals. A party will be considered canceled if the Birthday family doesn’t arrive within 25 minutes of the designated party time.


What if I have guests coming that are under the age of 2?

Children under the age of two are free and not included in the headcount unless they are participating with the birthday party as a guest (taking part in the activity and the craft workshop). Adults attending with children under the age of 2, however, are included as a participant.
Birthday “participants” include both children and adults for safety reasons. Anyone over the age of 2 is counted as a participant. Please inform us if large numbers of children under 2 are attending (occupancy and staffing concerns).


Do I get a goodie bag and what is included?

Each child that is a birthday party participant receives a goodie bag. NYSCI does not provide any food or candy for the goodie bags. Our toys change from time to time according to items that are available. If you would like to supplement the goodie bags you may bring your own. Please hand them over to our staff when you arrive for your party. Our staff will store your bags and give them out at the same time as NYSCI’s bags are given out. The bags are about the size of a brown paper lunch bag.

The goodie bags in the SUPER package are filled with three toys that NYSCI staff select according to your theme plus free admission pass for a future visit.

The DELUXE package includes a gift bag containing two items from our gift shop and a free admission pass for a future visit. These gift items will be chosen at least one week in advance of your party date.

The PREMIUM package includes the same goody bag as the DELUXE package plus two extra items from our gift shop (4 in total), and a premium gift for the birthday child.


Does the birthday child and their parent(s) count in the 12 and 12?

Yes, each head is counted at NYSCI.


Is food included in the additional fee?

Food is not included in the additional fee. If you would like extra food for your guests, you may order that with our Birthday Party Coordinator.


Can I have a total of 24 guests or does it have to be 12 children and 12 adults?

Our packages are specifically determined for 12 children and up to 12 adults. Those numbers are not interchangeable. Additional fee required for more than 12 guests. See packages for details.


If I am a member can I use my membership/guest passes for birthday admissions?

No, membership and birthdays are two separate departments and passes are not interchangeable. For members, we offer two free additional child attendees OR a $50 overall discount (offers can not be combined).


What if I would like to eat at a particular time?

Please understand that all party schedules are based on the theme you choose and when the Explainer and craft room are available for that specific theme. We will try and accommodate you in any way possible, but there is no guarantee of a specific time to eat.


When is my final guest count due?

You will be contacted approximately seven days before your event date and we will go over your party details at that time. Any last minute changes must be in by noon on Wednesday.

Please understand that it is better to tell us more guests than you expect than less. We only count who shows up. If you tell us, 17 kids, then we are prepared for 17 kids (staffing, table settings, crafts & favor bags). If only 13 show up, no problem, you will only be charged for the 13. We would rather be prepared than have unexpected guests.


When is my final food order due?

You will be contacted on the Monday before your event date. We will ask you to place your order at that time. How many pizzas, chicken fingers, etc. and any additional catering needs you may have. Please understand that ALL catering orders must be in by Noon on Wednesday. This we cannot change. An outside vendor provides food for Birthday parties. They cannot accept last minute orders.


When will I settle my bill?

The bill will be settled during your thirty-minute time slot in the Birthday Party Room by your Birthday Party Coordinator. Your coordinator will go through the invoice and provide you with a copy. Your $150 deposit will be deducted from the amount owed to the party.


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