This week, 23 Explainers are participating in the Innovation Institute, a new program at NYSCI that guides young people through the process of invention.

The teenagers will spend the next 15 months going through the entire process of inventing a device, software or other technology. They will observe a group or community, identify a product that would be helpful to that community, design a prototype, and build a prototype. Their designs will be critiqued by a committee of experts, which includes CEOs, CIOs and CTOs of major technology corporations. Participants will present their products at World Maker Faire, an annual event at NYSCI.

The Innovation Institute is conducted in collaboration with Kipp Bradford, a bioengineer, maker and entrepreneur most recently at Brown University and Rhode Island School of Design, and Dr. Raymond Codrington, an anthropologist most recently at the Aspen Roundtable.

Learn more about The Innovation Institute.


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