NYSCI has partnered with Hudson River Park to bring a free science festival to New York City residents. SUBMERGE! NYC Marine Science Festival is a daylong festival devoted to understanding our coastal waters. This inspiring day of interactive science will take place on the waterfront in lower Manhattan, at Hudson River Park’s Pier 26, on Sunday October 5 from 11 am – 3 pm. City residents and visitors alike will be invited to Pier 26 for a unique opportunity to engage directly with scientists and other professionals to experience first-hand the cutting-edge science, technology and engineering responsible for helping us to better understand, conserve and restore our ocean and connected waterways.

The SUBMERGE! NYC Marine Science Festival will include:

  • Research Stations: Noted scientists representing local and national groups will present current research through hands-on demonstrations, interactive experiments and invitations to participate in citizen science.
  • Science Lounge: Featuring key talks and panel discussions on notable topics.
  • Sustainable Seafood Café: Local, sustainable seafood organizations will provide both food and engaging discussions about seafood.
  • River Rangers Exploratorium: An area dedicated to reaching a younger audience.
  • Music, catch and release fishing, river kayaking and more enriching activities for all to enjoy.