Last weekend, a few hundred people had a look behind the curtain on the nearly-finished restoration of the Great Hall.  (The scaffolds are down!) There was much discussion about the dalle de verre panels and the care that has gone into their repair.

In spring of 1965, The Stained Glass Quarterly published a feature about how the panels were created.  Through the cooperation of Richard Gross at the Stained Glass Association of America, we are able to post that article and its accompanying photos here.  Thank you, Richard.


stained glass text

stained glass pic1

The dalles are faceted and arranged by hand on the panels.


stained glass pic2

Troweling the concrete to form the binding matrix.


stained glass pic3


stained glass pic4

Cleaning the panels.

stained glass pic5

Completed panels curing, while others are stacked in the background awaiting crating and shipping.

stained glass pg1

stained glass pg2

stained glass cover pg

Read more about the history of the Hall of Science in the NYSCI Archives.