Earlier this month, 30 senior citizens played miniature golf in NYSCI’s Rocket Park Mini Golf, competing against their children and grandchildren in a collegial tournament. The tournament was the culminating event in a five-week pilot program that brought the seniors to NYSCI weekly so that they could experience the museum’s hands-on exhibits and activities.

The program is just one of many that make up NYSCI Neighbors, an ambitious initiative to find innovative ways to engage the local community. Programs are geared towards students, families and other community members, and are often strengthened through partnerships with local neighborhood organizations. For the senior program, NYSCI worked closely with the RAICES Corona Neighborhood Senior Center, located just a short walk from the museum.

Other NYSCI Neighbors programs include the NYSCI Neighbors membership, Science Ambassadors, and Parent University, which is currently in the preliminary planning stage.

For more information about the program with seniors, read this amNY article.


Here are photos of the program:

Raices Corona Senior Center