On September 20 and 21, NYSCI hosted the 5th annual World Maker Faire New York, our biggest annual event. Described as the greatest show and tell show on earth, there were over 800 exhibits, presentations, and performances by Makers and over 85,000 visitors.

This year at the SciPlay booth in NYSCI Village, we showed off two of our digital apps: GeniGames and Picture Dots.


SciPlay GeniGames play at World Maker Faire 2014.


SciPlay Picture Dot app testing at World Maker Faire 2014.

GeniGames, an online game that allows kids to explore genetics concepts by breeding and studying dragons, had kids of all ages at Maker Faire stop by to play. GeniGames curriculum and support material for high school Living Environment teachers, will be posted online soon.

Picture Dots is an iPad app that has been developed at NYSCI and is geared to our young learners, ages two to six. Still currently under development, it allows children to take pictures and label them with interactive dots that are assigned meaning through color, musical tones, text and sound effects. We’ll be posting updates on this app and invite families to test and help develop Picture Dots.

A special thanks to our SciPlay staff Harouna, Laura, Alyssa, Talya, Ruth, and our volunteers, Claire, Jackie, and Katie and NYSCI Explainers for their help at the booth.

Want to know what SciPlay has in the works? Stay tuned to our blog for sneak peeks and official news. Have questions? Contact us here.


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