Educators are expected to provide hands-on lessons, yet many of New York City’s classrooms are not equipped with the tools to teach these activities. NYSCI has four different kits that cover a range of topics. Each kit contains equipment and expendable materials for a class of 32. Extra materials are available upon request.

All Portable Lab rentals are available to educators who have completed the requisite materials and curricular training, and hold certification from the training. For more information on Portable Lab professional development trainings call 718-699-0005 x381.


Portable Labs Available

BioTechLab: Molecules & Health

Grades 7 – 12

Want to get your students excited about studying DNA, running a gel electrophoresis or even cloning bacteria?
This kit features eight dual electrophoresis units, four power supplies, variable micropipettes, a dual water-bath, an incubator and all the reagents and expendable materials for each investigation (up to a class of 32). There is a $50 additional fee for live bacterial and Daphnia cultures.



All Grades

Give your students the opportunity to learn basic astronomy concepts in a portable planetarium. StarLab™ rental kits contain an inflatable portable planetarium that fits easily into any car. Inflated, the unit fits into spaces 23 feet in diameter and 11 feet high.



All Grades

Introduce the world of microorganisms to your students with live microbe cultures and microscopes. MicroLab rental kits contain a set of 15 field microscopes, a video microscope, live microbe cultures  and other expendable materials. MicroLab rental kit is $350 and the first jar of live microbe cultures is free and any additional jar is $25.  To request cultures only, the fee is $25.


How to Reserve a Portable Lab

Eligibility: Educators must complete the training program that corresponds to the Portable Lab they wish to use. To reserve a rental kit, please call 718-699-0005 ext. 320.

Pickup: Renters are responsible for pickup and delivery of all portable labs. If pickup is difficult, consider becoming a Professional Partner.
Professional Partners

MicroLab, StarLab™ and BioTechLab teachers can take advantage of our Professional Partners program. Rent the MicroLab, StarLab™ or BiotechLab kits for one week and include an outreach lesson model for your class. Our NYSCI Explainers will model lessons for your class on the first day of your rental. All outreaches include delivery of rental kits.

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