What to do prior to a Virtual Visit
  • When scheduling a Virtual Visit program, make sure you also send a date and time when you are available to do a test call (at least one week prior to date of actual program).
  • Please provide a work and cell phone number where you can be reached during the Virtual Visit connection.
  • Factor in enough time to complete any/all pre and post activities before booking a Virtual Visit program (Some programs have an optional post connection).
  • Consider room arrangement and lighting.
  • Develop a back-up plan in the event of technical difficulties.


How to prepare your students for a Virtual Visit
  • Remind students the camera can view the entire classroom, so they should be mindful of their actions.
  • NYSCI programs are highly interactive, so inform your students their ideas, thoughts and questions are highly encouraged and appreciated.
  • Encourage students to project their voice loudly and clearly when speaking so that fellow classmates and the Virtual Visit Explainer can hear them.
  • Instruct students to raise their hand and wait for the facilitator to call on them when asking or answering a question.


What to consider the day of the Virtual Visit
  • Make sure all necessary program materials are set-up and ready for the students to use the day of their Virtual Visit.
  • Technology placement is very important. Please strategically place the microphone and camera in a place that is most convenient for all of your students.
  • During the actual day of the Virtual Visit, dial in about five minutes before the program begins. This will help deal with any last minute issues that need to be addressed before students arrive.
  • Remind students of video conferencing etiquette.
  • An active facilitator on the connecting side is essential to ensuring a successful Virtual Visit for all involved.
  • The facilitator can help the Virtual Visit Explainer by choosing a student when he or she wants to participate.


Technical Requirements

We are committed to working with your technology to connect for a Virtual Visit. Described below are the three technologies we use to connect NYSCI to your site. All methods require a test connection for troubleshooting prior to the program.


Video conferencing via IP Connection

This method employs the use of video conferencing technology hardware. The most common manufacturers of this type of hardware are Tandberg and Polycom. IP stands for “Internet Protocol” and means that the Internet is used to make the connection. We connect via an IP connection with a minimum connection speed of 384 kbps. We are enabled to both receive and dial out calls.


Video conferencing via ISDN Connection

ISDN connections also use video conferencing technology hardware but employ ISDN phone lines for the connection. Although we do not have the lines ourselves we can arrange a bridge to make an ISDN connection with you. No line charges.


Video conferencing via Desktop/Webcam

Don’t have the video conferencing hardware? We can still arrange a Virtual Visit. Through exciting new web technology, we can deliver our programs to your desktop or laptop computers or even a SmartBoard. All you need is a computer, webcam, microphone and an Internet connection. Contact us for more details and we can configure a setup that works with the technology you have!
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