Bubble Brainstorm

Grades Pre-K – 2

Observing, Predicting, Investigating and Tool Making: Engage in science process skills (conducting experiments, comparing, classifying and sharing findings) exploring the properties of bubbles and making your own bubble blowing tools and blowing lots of bubbles!

Grade K – NYC Unit 2/NYS PS3.1b,c,e, Grade 1 – NYC Unit 2/NYS PS3.1e, 3.2a.


Float, Sink, Design a Flink!

Grades Pre-K – 2

Exploring Properties, Buoyancy: Explore buoyancy and properties
 of different materials by testing and classifying whether everyday objects sink or float. Use the results from your investigations to design, predict and test your own creations to determine whether they sink or float.

Grade K – NYC Unit 2/NYS PS3.1b,c,e, f, Grade 1 – NYC Unit 2/NYS PS3.1e,f.


Mixing Color

Grades Pre-K – 2

Color, Prediction: Explore the colors of the visible spectrum through hands-on experiments and learn the differences between primary and secondary colors. Participate in an interactive story-time and make a colorful collage to take home.

Grade K – NYC Unit 1/NYS PS 3.1b,c, Grade 1 – NYC Unit 2/NYS PS 3.1.


Classy Classification

Grades K – 2

Classification, Animal Structures: Delve into the fascinating world of insects and learn how entomologists identify insects through body parts. Observe preserved bugs to compare and contrast insects from other organisms and perform your own sorting of artificial insects. Includes interactive story-time.

Grade K – NYC Unit 3/NYS LE3.1a, Grade 1 – NYC Unit 1/NYS LE3.1a, c.


Five Senses

Grades K – 2

Observation Skills: Learn how our five senses work together to perceive information in the world around us. Participate in hands-on activities that require using your senses to identify what you see, feel, touch and taste. View optical illusions, hear and see sound using tuning forks, distinguish different textures, and identify mystery objects or scents to draw conclusions on how your senses work.

Grade K – NYC Unit 2/NYS PS 3.1b,c,e, Grade 1 – NYC Unit 2.


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