Magnetic Mazes

Grades K – 5

Explore the properties of magnets and the magnetic quality of different materials by creating and playing with a magnetic maze. Discover how different forces interact and how distance and matter can affect the strength of a magnetic field. Make your own magnetic maze to take home.

New York Scope and Sequence: Kindergarten 3.1c and 3.1e, 1st Grade 3.1e, 2nd Grade 5.1, 5.2a, 4th Grade 5.1e, 5.2a, b, 4.1g.


Crayon Rock Cycle

Grades K – 5

Discover how rocks are formed by recreating the rock cycle using crayons. Crayons have the ability to be ground into small pieces, pressed, heated and cooled much like rocks but all at safe temperatures. Students will make a crayon rock model to take home that illustrates the stages of igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rock.

New York Scope and Sequence: 2nd Grade 2.1d, 5th Grade 2.1e, 2.2g, h.


Build a Bug

Grades K – 5
Deconstruct the specialized parts of bugs and insects. Find out how pincers, legs, wings, mandibles and eyes develop for particular purposes. Then create an insect of your own using cardboard linkages to mimic unique motions.

New York Scope and Sequence: 1st Grade 3.1a, 3rd Grade 5.1b, 4th grade 4.2b.


Elastic Engineering

Grades 4 – 8

Explore potential and kinetic energy, mechanical energy and various simple machines by creating and testing a wind-powered car. Discover the basic principles of design and engineering by building a propeller- or balloon-powered car to meet a specific challenge. Test your car on the racetrack, record your results, and take your creation home with you!

New York Scope and Sequence: 6th Grade 4.1e,d and 5.2 c,d,e,f,g, 8th Grade 5.1 a,b,c.


Camera Construction

Grades 4 – 8

Deconstruct a camera obscura (pinhole camera) to discover how the interaction of light and matter create how we see. Students will build their own cardboard camera obscura to learn how the eye works, as well as the properties of translucent, transparent and opaque materials.

New York Scope and Sequence: 7th Grade 4.1d, 4.4 a,b.


Make Things Move

Grades 4 – 8

Deconstruct machines and mechanisms to examine how they function. Experiment with potential/kinetic energy and explore how designers and engineers have been utilizing these principles as a foundation for building the machines we use every day.

New York Scope and Sequence: 6th Grade 4.1c, 5.2 c, d, e, f, g, 8th Grade 5.1a, b, c, d, e.


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