Design Lab is a place for groups of all ages to explore creativity, design engineering and problem-solving through hands-on collaborative activities. We tap into people’s natural tendency to be inventive and resourceful in finding solutions to compelling engineering and design challenges.

Groups: Explore your problem-solving potential in free reserved experiences. All activities are scalable to different age groups. Reservation required. Call 718-699-0301 for availability.


Engineering Challenge

All Grades: Can be scaled to any age group

Design a solution to a real-world problem by creating a testable prototype. If your design doesn’t work and you try it another way, that’s engineering.


Simple Machines

All Grades: Can be scaled to any age group

Starting from a creative and fun challenge, students collaborate to engineer simple machines to solve a problem, accomplish a goal, or perform a task.


Design Challenge

Grades 2 – 8

Explore your team’s creativity by coming up with fantastical solutions to whimsical problems. Explore new ways of thinking by building with unexpected materials for incredible situations.


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