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Noticing Tools™ are a ground-breaking suite of iPad apps that make learning math and science irresistible through play, creative design projects, and collaboration.


New ebook, Transmissions, slated for 2018

An ebook comic that will use a fictional storyline about five 9th graders, who investigate a mysterious disease, collect evidence, meet with scientists, and even time travel.

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Picture Dots Press Release

Picture Dots encourages conversations and interactions between young learners and their parents, caregivers or educators in ways that connect to early literacy, math and science skills.

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Brick Fest Live
March 30 to March 31

Kids and adults can get inspired, educated and entertained with LEGO bricks at this ultimate LEGO fan experience.

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NYSCI's five new iPad apps will motivate students to learn fundamental math and science concepts and give teachers and parents a set of mobile resources that can inspire children’s everyday explorations in the classroom, at home, on the playground or just about anywhere else. Collectively known as Noticing Tools™, the five apps are now available in the App Store.
NYSCI’s Noticing Tools™, a suite of five math and science apps, has been selected as a Science Learning Challenge winner by NewSchools Venture Fund.
Doug Moore, NYSCI’s VP of Digital Education Strategy, talks about NYSCI’s new Noticing Tools™.

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