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Our Impact

NYSCI is a hub for researchers, developers, and producers in education, to create and study new ways of delivering equitable learning opportunities that are anchored in our Design Make Play approach to learning and STEM engagement.

NYSCI is...

A laboratory

A Laboratory For Learning

Our researchers and designers work together to create equitable opportunities for all learners to discover the impact we can have on the world around us.

An innovator

An Innovator In Museum Experiences

We design exhibits that invite learners to play with and explore a variety of materials and physical experiences, to ask questions, take risks, recognize and pursue their curiosity, create and share compelling narratives that spur new questions, and experience success.

Community partner

A Partner To Our Community

NYSCI is located in one of the most multicultural and diverse boroughs in New York City. Inspired by the community’s diversity, NYSCI develops programs for children, families, and educators that build on the community's interests and needs and expand access to STEM opportunities.

A resource

A Resource For Students And Teachers

Working in partnership with teachers and students, NYSCI creates STEM learning opportunities that foster critical thinking, collaboration, and meaningful connections to the world around them.

A place

A Place To Nurture Young Scientists

Through the Alan J. Friedman Center for the Development of Young Scientists, for more than 30 years, NYSCI has inspired and guided young people to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and math.



Our mission extends far beyond every NYSCI visit, through the work we do to make STEM exciting, appealing and inviting to anyone. The work we do both within and beyond our walls complements each other, and is supported by leading foundations, funders and advocates for the importance of STEM today

We invite you to explore the programs below that demonstrate our leadership in research projects, app and tech development, and collaborations with other cultural institutions. Clicking the bar on the right will enable you to select the program areas in which you’re most interested, and learn about the results we’re delivering. You can review the full library of recent and notable efforts by just scrolling below.

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Annual Report

NYSCI provides a comprehensive summary of all of its activities to the public every year.

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