With World Maker Faire just days away, NYSCI staff are putting the final touches on their maker projects that will be exhibited at the Faire. Stop by the Faire’s NYSCI Village (located in Rocket Park) to engage in hands-on activities and to see the imaginative projects designed by our creative staff.

NYSCI Village will include:

Contraption Challenge
Think outside the box! With the help of NYSCI Explainers, turn everyday household items into ramps, twists, turns and more as you make a contraption to get a ball across the finish line.

Break It – Make It
With guidance from staff at NYSCI’s Maker Space, take electronics, toys and other items apart and transform them into new creations.

Costume Creation
With the help of Design Lab staff, kids can create costumes out of unexpected materials such as paper, plastic, coffee filters and more. They can design on mannequins, on their friends, or on themselves.

Space Pressure
NYSCI’s Explainers will approximate the low air pressure of outer space using a vacuum and then subject a marshmallow, a balloon and shaving cream to these conditions. Have fun seeing the mess that this creates!

Preview SUBMERGE!, NYC’s Marine Science Festival that will be held in October, and learn about local waters through marine-inspired makers. Build and race plankton, steam-powered boats and underwater robotic vehicles with Hudson River Park and OpenROV.

Floppy Windmill
View a windmill made out of foam rods created by Mike Lane, NYSCI’s director of exhibit services. When cranked, the windmill spins around on top of a 10-foot tower in a floppy fashion.

Will It Float?
Join NYSCI’s Explainers and explore why things float, sink and sometimes flink (neither float nor sink) in water. Then try to predict if the same will happen in other substances.

Explainer Stage
Grab a seat for Explainer-led science demonstrations where they’ll launch a rocket, make elephant toothpaste, design a human ball run.and more!

Forest Floor
Marvel at small sheet metal insects that light up, move and emit sounds. The insects were created by NYSCI Exhibit Technicians, Karl Szilagi and Sean Walsh.

Little (Mud) Makers
Squish, explore and make a mess with mud with staff from NYSCI’s Early Childhood Education department! Kids can make their marks on a giant mud mural, plus design and create tiny dwellings with natural materials, mud bricks, twigs and leaves.

Don Cornelius
Keep the beat with Don Cornelius, a sheet metal centipede sculpture comprised of individual units that have motors inside them to move to music. Created by Karl Szilagi from NYSCI’s Exhibit Services department.

View a large sheet metal spider sculpture created by Karl Szilagi, a member of NYSCI’s Exhibits Services department.

Make Academy – Transform
See the results of a summer camp for 5th – 8th graders, who started spent five days this summer at NYSCI’s Maker Space bringing their ideas to fruition.

Geometric Figurative Art
Patterns are not always what we think they are, or by any means flat. View a collection of art that use India Ink on paper, then use the title of each piece to discover the artists’ intention. Created by Karl Szilagi, a member of NYSCI’s exhibits team.

Digital Game Play
Using our soon-to-be-launched Picture Dots app, kids as young as two take photos and label them with interactive dots that add color, text, music and sounds. Older kids can join in on the digital fun as well by breeding dragons using a computer-based game called GeniGames. These interactive digital games are initiatives of SciPlay, the Sara Lee Schupf Family Center for Play, Science and Technology, which uses research-based strategies to figure out how to foster play and playfulness in the learning and teaching of complex scientific concepts.

Scattered Light
View artist Dick Esterle’s art piece, Scattered Light, which brings 26-foot strips of orange and pink flagging tape to NYSCI’s entrance. Created with simple and inexpensive materials, the piece exemplifies the maker spirit and opens just in time for World Maker Faire. Scattered Light is located inside NYSCI’s circular entryway.

Pop-Up Playground
Join the Movement Creative’s John Rosenberg at a pop-up playground, a portable, modular playground system that is easily reconfigured to provide unique challenges, whether you’re 5 years old or 50.

Design Lab Documentary
Watch a documentary detailing Situ Studio’s process and making of NYSCI’s newest experience, Design Lab.