Meet Camille, NYSCI’s new Mars Rover. Named after one of her creators, Camille was built by the Beatty sisters–Camille and Genevieve–along with their father, Robert at the headquarters of Beatty Robotics a.k.a the workshop in the garage of their home in Ashville, NC.

Video won’t load?  Watch it here. We met the Beattys while researching upgrades to the Mars Rover exhibit in The Search for Life Beyond Earth. Over the past several months, they worked with our Exhibits team to build, test and install the Rover as a permanent feature at NYSCI. Here’s a description courtesy of Beatty Robotics’ project blog:

The Mars Rover is constructed of over 500 electrical components and aluminum parts that we purchase, make by hand, and/or machine on our homemade CNC Mill. In addition to the NASA-style six-wheeled rocker-bogie suspension system and the solar panels, the new Mars Rover is equipped with an infrared camera, a thermal array sensor, eight sonar sensors, and other technology. Using special control software that we will provide, kids and other visitors to the center will drive the Mars Rover remotely through the exhibit’s Mars-scape on a mission to find infrared-emitting rocks that may provide evidence of past life on Mars.

What’s next for the Beattys? They are already at work on a second Mars Rover for us–this one dubbed Genevieve, of course. And they just competed work on a replica of a Soviet-era Lunokhod moon rover for a museum in Prague. NYSCI’s New Rover on GMA Live.

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