NYSCI was recently awarded two MUSE awards, prestigious national honors for outstanding achievement in digital media. The award is given to museums, galleries, libraries and archives around the country that use digital media to engage their audiences and enhance the visitor experience.

Peggy Monahan, NYSCI’s creative director of exhibit development, and Geralyn Abinader, producer at NYSCI, at the MUSE Awards ceremony on May 7 in St. Louis, Mo.

NYSCI’s exhibition Connected Worlds received the gold award, the top award in the category, for interpretive interactive installations. The exhibition, a favorite with museum visitors, is the result of a collaboration between NYSCI, Design I/O and CIESIN, Columbia University. Presenter Stacey Mann from Night Kitchen Interactive explained why Connected Worlds received the award:

“The creation of a fictional world to communicate complex ideas like the ecological connections among different biomes is highly significant. It’s a remarkable accomplishment on all fronts. … Pretty complex concepts are being planted here … This project is apt to influence thinking about immersion and simulation experiences moving forward.”

The bronze award for education and outreach was awarded to NYSCI’s ebook, Wild Minds: What Animals Really Think. When presenting the award to NYSCI, Stephanie Pau of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art said:

“Most e-books serve as a glorified PDF. Wild Minds: What Animals Really Think took the content from an exhibition and put them into a book that leverages technology and interaction, not just a PDF. The entries and activities are fun and informative and clearly organized for the target audience. There is just the right amount of information, and the integration of short videos, interactive games, 3D imagery, brain scans and challenges make this resource interactive and personalized, rather than linear and static.”

Visitors interact with Wild Minds the exhibition at NYSCI. The award-winning ebook, Wild Minds: What Animals Really Think, was based on the popular exhibition.


The winning projects were chosen by an international group of technology professionals and were presented by the American Alliance of Museums. The awards were announced at a ceremony held on May 7 in St. Louis, Mo.

Connected Worlds is made possible with generous support from The JPB Foundation, the National Science Foundation, Google Inc., The Nasdaq Educational Foundation, Inc., Carnegie Corporation of New York, and Xylem. The Wild Minds project was supported by the National Science Foundation. All opinions and findings solely represent the views of the New York Hall of Science.