In conjunction with our Luminescent Night Light workshop, we are excited to announce our first Make It At Home Challenge!

After you have created your Luminescent Nightlight at the Maker Space we challenge you to design and make a custom enclosure for it at home.  What is an enclosure? We mean anything that will sit on top of, or around, your circuit board, and catch the light of the LED.  To give you a little inspiration here are some examples we have made in the Maker Space:

In this example we used a soda can with a bunch of holes poked into it with a push pin.


This photo shows two different examples that we have been experimenting with in the Maker Space. On the left is a pyramid that is made out of nothing but hot glue. To do this we took a simple wood block, covered it in vaseline, and then drenched it with hot glue. On the right is a pyramid built with laser cut modular paper triangles. You can also make these these same exact modular triangles by hand using a compass, a pencil, and a scissor. Check out this Instructable for more information. We will be experimenting with both of these construction techniques for May’s Wildcard Weekend workshop happening on May 17th and May 18th. You can find more information here.


What do you want your enclosure to look like?  

What materials do you have around the house that can capture the color changing light of your circuit or create interesting shadows? Plastic cups?  Soda cans?  How about paper or origami?  As you can see from the above examples, you can use almost anything if you put a little creative making into it! Let your imagination go wild as you experiment with light, shadow, translucency, and making.