Congratulations to NYSCI’s President and CEO, Margaret Honey, for receiving an honorary doctorate from Bank Street Graduate School of Education.

Bank Street College, located in New York City, is an internationally recognized leader in early childhood education, a pioneer in improving the quality of classroom education and teacher preparation, and a national advocate for children and families. Its structure is unique in American education: a free-standing graduate school of education partnered with an onsite independent school for grades preK–8.

In her commencement speech, Margaret said that Bank Street has been central to her career and that she was “bred-in-the-bone at Bank Street.” In addition to her tenure at NYSCI, Margaret’s career includes 15 years at the Education Development Center (EDC), where she served as vice president, and director of EDC’s Center for Children and Technology. She has also collaborated with PBS, CPB and some of the nation’s largest public television stations. Her recent book, Design, Make, Play – Growing the Next Generation of STEM Innovators, explores strategies for supporting student engagement and deeper learning.