Ice Sculpting Demonstration with Sculptor, Bill Bywater

Daily, 2 pm
Back for his 7th ReMake, our favorite ice sculptor is back to inspire and teach us about a few of our endangered species with his beautiful ice sculptures. Each day, Bill will carve a different endangered or threatened species that has made some progress through conservation and legislation.

Tinkering Shop

December 27, 28, 29, noon to 3 pm
Turn your holiday leftovers into treasures! Transform fabrics, old toys, and everyday materials into amazing new creations.


Fabric Arts Scrap Shop

Daily, noon – 4 pm
Explore a variety of fabric art activities, from hand-cut heat press vinyl pattern-making to stuffed buddy-making, to giant pegboard weaving. Come ready to create awesome fabric creations or bring your own to customize with Maker Space!


Winter Wonderland Gallery

Daily, noon – 4 pm
Reuse and repurpose materials collected from staff donations and Materials for the Arts to design, create, and build a Winter Wonderland. Three of the Design Lab pods will be focused on paper, textiles, and cardboard where you can make winter and holiday-themed items that you can take with you, or add to the gallery.


Green Garland with Guest ReMaker, Angela Catherine Carlucci

Daily, noon – 4 pm
Make Your Own Holiday Decorations and learn the art of paper-cutting while reusing holiday wrapping paper, catalogs, and a variety of other recycled paper to make your own festive paper garland to decorate your room!


Marvelous Mushrooms with Designer-in-Residence, Jan Mun

Daily, noon – 4 pm
Discover the wonderful world of mushrooms. Explore how fungi can be used to remove toxins from our environment. Learn how to cultivate mushrooms at home and build a dwelling to grow your mushrooms to take with you. Also be sure to visit Jan’s living mushroom diorama, The Fairy Rings: Mycoremediation Mother Patch, which Jan produced during her 2017-2018 residency, in collaboration with NYSCI Explainers.


ReGift Tags

Daily, noon – 4 pm
Use stamps, stencils and different recycled papers to create a gift tag for that holiday present you are going to re-gift, or the thoughtful present you’re planning to give someone in the New Year!

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