Meet the 2018 Designers-in-Residence


Jaehyun Kim
Three-Month Residency: January – March 2018

Jaehyun Kim designs and produces digital and non-digital games and playful experiences
for children.

Jaehyun is looking to introduce the Explainers to “VR 101” by modifying her existing VR bike workshop to figure out different ways that the NYSCI audience can explore VR.


Brooke Singer
Six-Month Residency: January – June 2018

Brooke Singer is a media artist whose work blurs the borders between science, technology, politics and arts practices, and takes the form of websites, workshops, photographs, maps, installations, social spaces and performances that involve public participation in pursuit of social change.

Brooke is looking to develop a citizen science platform for a project called Carbon Sponge, which focuses on soil health and enhancing understanding of and the capacity for sequestering carbon in soil. Her work embraces open research and the inclusion of various perspectives. She wants to work with Explainers to study if promoting soil health and creating pathways for citizens to take charge, can slow down the release of carbon and turn soil into a tool to fight climate change.

Listen to the Carbon Sponge audio tour here.

Credits: This project was written and performed by Explainers, Sahery Arain and Cara Lambrento.
Additional voice performance by Iggy Miranda.
Audio recording and engineering by Aaron Mack.
Additional content and project support by Brooke Singer, Sarah Perl Egendorf, Marisa Prefer, Danny Fabricant, Michael Cosaboom, John Pope, Sumaq K, Elizabeth Slagus, and Erin Thelen.


Jan Mun
Three-Month Residency: April – June 2018

Jan Mun is a media artist who creates social sculptures working with digital and living media. The environmental landscape has become her framework to unfold stories about others and herself by using a combination of artistic and scientific process, that manifest in the form of interactive installations, photography, performance and bio-art.

Jan is looking to build off of two previous projects that activate the use of mycoremediation and art to innovate bioremediation practices for a historically contaminated community in New York City. She would like to work with Explainers to build an awareness campaign to support her ultimate goal to conduct a New York City-supported scientific field experiment on bioremediation on the footprint of a former oil tank along Newtown Creek.


Killer Snails
Three-Month Residency: February – April 2018

Killer Snails develops award-winning learning games and immersive virtual reality experiences that explore the amazing ecology, biodiversity and medical application of extreme creatures of nature. Killer Snails’ goal is to bring science out of the laboratory and into classrooms and living rooms.

Killer Snails is looking to introduce Explainers to “game design 101” with a series of workshops and exercises to consider how NYSCI exhibit content can be transformed into games. Working with Killer Snails is an opportunity to learn game design and to develop something for visitors to use, and potentially, NYSCI to produce.