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Picture Dots

Notice patterns, tell stories and discover the world. Add dots of color, words, music, and sounds to photos. Open-ended, creative fun for young learners and grownups. LEARN MORE




Playground Physics

Discover and explore the physics in your everyday life and your own movements. Record a video of you or your friends—or any form of motion – tap points along the way to trace a path of motion, and discover the motion, forces, and energy involved! LEARN MORE





Build 3D models of things you see in the real world, and explore the relationships between surface area and volume in a powerful and fun 3D modeling environment.

Educators can inspire learners to think in 3D space and explore concepts of surface area and volume as they build complex shapes from simple components. LEARN MORE




Fraction Mash

Create hilarious and dazzling photo mashups while exploring fraction concepts. Fractions have never been this fun – you may just want to Instagram your math homework! LEARN MORE




Size Wise

Explore ratios and proportions while making funny pictures that make things look wildly bigger and smaller than they really are. Take photos, make measurements, explore the world in a whole new way! LEARN MORE




Choreo Graph

Turn photos into animations and explore math concepts as you go in a powerful and fun animation studio. Choreo Graph was inspired by dance and choreography to learn and explore math. Coordinate geometry, angles, and translations have never been this fun. LEARN MORE



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