NYSCI Neighbors is a multifaceted program of community work in which NYSCI is collaborating with local stakeholders to build a rich ecosystem of STEM educational opportunities for educators, young people, and families in Corona, Queens.

Using the museum as a backbone, NYSCI Neighbors is building a set of STEM learning opportunities that will create pathways out of poverty for young people in the community.

  • Provide professional development and STEM coaching to help teachers refine their craft and offer tools, technology and STEM resources that offer explicit connections to standards.
  • Empower and support teachers by building communities of practice where teachers will have the opportunity to learn from one another, generate and share content and activities, and utilize NYSCI as an innovation laboratory for new and innovative approaches to STEM teaching and learning.
  • Offer NYSCI as a third space to families, teachers, and schools, providing a welcoming community hub where children and their caregivers and teachers can participate in creative learning activities that are anchored in NYSCI’s Design-Make-Play approach to STEM education.
  • Promote parent and family engagement through museum programs and events to help strengthen school-community bonds, offer STEM learning opportunities to the whole family, and advise on career ladders in STEM.
  • Deepen relationships with community stakeholders by forming a community advisory board that includes local and citywide education leaders.


In addition, there are a number of exciting projects that are getting underway:

Early Childhood Programming

NYSCI has embarked on a new initiative to meet the demands for early childhood education in the Corona Community and School District 24. NYSCI is offering creative new interdisciplinary STEM, emphasizing creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and experimentation.

Parent University

NYSCI is developing a Parent University that will enable parents to serve as STEM education advocates for their children. NYSCI will be engaging local parents, as well as parent associations, schools, and other partner organizations, to provide parents with programs that emphasize creative approaches to STEM.

Mobile City Science Youth Mapping Community Learning Opportunities

This NSF project will study how high school students collect data about and map their communities using mobile and location-aware technologies, and how this data can support educators to better understand the places in which students live. Users of these tools can easily map community assets for learning (e.g., libraries), deficits in learning, as well as new learning opportunities (e.g., a developing community garden).


This NSF project will establish a national Networked Improvement Community (NIC) of maker spaces and fab labs serving black and Latino high school students and be specializing in computational making programs. NYSCI will partner with the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching and a national leadership team representing universities, cultural organizations, corporations, foundations and leaders in the Maker Movement.

  • Carnegie Corporation of New York
  • The Kupferberg Foundation
  • National Science Foundation
  • The Pumpkin Foundation / Joseph H. and Carol F. Reich
  • Richmond County Savings Foundation
  • Sara Lee and Axel Schupf Simons Foundation
  • STEM Funders Network