Over the last year, NYSCI has focused on two guiding principles. The first is a commitment to equity, using STEM as an opportunity pathway, especially for young people who would not otherwise have access. The second is an evidence-based approach we call Design, Make, Play, that empowers all learners to be active participants in shaping their futures.

Our achievements in FY2018 include: a new Designer-in Residence program, which enlivened the museum with pop-up exhibits designed by artists in collaboration with NYSCI Explainers; the delivery of early childhood programming to more than 5,000 participants through family workshops, community events and public programs; an expansion of the NYSCI Neighbors network of local schools with whom we partner, providing out-of-school-time STEM opportunities to even more residents in our local community; 15 active research grants, from the U.S. National Science Foundation, Department of Education, National Institutes of Health, and private supporters, that allowed us to investigate teaching data science to young learners, integrating computational thinking into a digital game and middle school curriculum, and much more.

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