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The Happiness Experiment

What if you had the ultimate super power - control over your own happiness?

Dive into the neuroscience and social science of happiness as you move through a series of playful, immersive areas to discover the ways in which happiness affects our well-being, and how we can bring more of it into our lives.

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Play Around

Play isn't just for fun (though it's good for that, too) - it benefits our mental well-being at all ages, social or solo, organized or spontaneous. Come learn how.

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Come On Get Happy!

Explore how happiness isn’t just one feeling; it is personal, unique, and can be experienced at different durations and intensities. Walk away with a smile and a pocketful of habits that you can apply in your own way to inject more happiness into your life.

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Happiness Habits Lab: Dance Edition

How are you feeling today? Have you considered that a bit of dancing today might improve your overall mood? Come test that out with us.

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