Sixty girls, aged 11–14, are measuring, designing and dancing their way to healthier choices.

It’s all part of NYSCI’s GROOVE program, a free camp related to health and wellness education. During the three-week camp, the girls will work together on hands-on science activities, measure their steps using pedometers, make simple recipes, design healthy menus, and learn dance routines and other fun ways to be physically active. They will also learn about health careers, healthy eating, and physical activity. By being exposed to this information, the girls will be empowered to make healthy choices that will give them energy to do the things they want to do.

This is the second year of GROOVE, which stands for Girls Realizing Options through OpenSim Virtual Experiences. The program is a partnership between NYSCI, the University of Miami, and the Patricia Phillip Frost Museum of Science, and it is part of a National Institutes for Health-funded research project.