NYSCI has produced an eBook that will change how you view the role of science in the legal system.

False Conviction: Innocence, Guilt & Science focuses on real cases in which eyewitness accounts, confessions and crime lab tests led to false convictions, and where DNA evidence helped exonerate the innocent. It includes interactive experiences where you can examine DNA in blood, hair and semen, match a bullet to the gun that fired it, explore crime scene photos, and more. NYSCI collaborated with the Innocence Project and Touch Press to produce the interactive iBook, which is written by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Jim Dwyer.

False Conviction was designed for use on an iPad and is available at the Apple Books store.

Packed with incredible interactive experiences, False Conviction features interviews with leading homicide detectives, lawyers and eye witnesses who helped identify the mistakes that were made and free the wrongly convicted. See the science for yourself in simulations and videos that invite readers to dig into the evidence, read court transcripts and explore the science that freed the wrongly convicted.

How confident would you be as an eye-witness? Try one of the interactives from False Conviction:

“False Conviction puts the criminal justice system under the microscope and reveals its flaws in shocking detail. Through compelling writing and interactive features that transport you to crime scenes, court rooms and cutting edge science labs, Pulitzer-winning author Jim Dwyer and the imaginative book makers at Touch Press illustrate through heartbreaking cases of wrongful convictions why the system fails and how science is helping to restore justice.”  – John Grisham
“Jim Dwyer’s new book is a revelation. I feel I’ve not only seen the future, but am immersed in the details of these tragic cases of false convictions. Dwyer has a legitimate moral outrage and a superb journalistic conscience, which together with this exciting hands-on technology, puts the reader into the heart of the dilemma, reviewing documents and evidence, pouring over photographs, hearing from the experts. The cumulative effect is stunning and infuriating.” – Ken Burns