This Quarter’s Top Stories

by: Rebecca Gill – Manager, Explainer TV

July and August are always busy months at Explainer TV, as summer brings many activities to the museum, and our student producers capture as much of the action as possible!

Bloomberg Interns: Partnership in third year

From July to August, Explainer TV hosted four summer interns as part of the Bloomberg Arts & Culture Internship Program. All rising high school juniors – this was their first time in a professional environment, and their first paid job experience.
Jonathan, Fabrizio, Aasha and Ricky captured rich media for NYSCI’s social channels and created videos to promote various NYSCI exhibits and programs, such as: Hidden Kingdoms, Remake the Holidays, Dead or Alive: Special Effects and Shana Siegel’s ‘Roommates’ installation. It was a great summer learning experience for them – and they graduated as experienced content producers with a strong understanding of creating media for museums.

New Explainer TV social media channels

As Explainer TV strives to create more content that promotes NYSCI to the community, we recently launched two social media channels, to spread our work beyond our primary digital platform of YouTube. Our new Explainer TV Instagram and Twitter accounts showcase our Associate Producers’ work to the wider community, thus advancing their own creative portfolios, digital footprints and employability beyond the program. Furthermore, relevant Explainer TV content can be easily reposted to NYSCI’s social media platforms – creating a bank of student-produced content for the External Affairs team. Above are two examples of posts that we created, which have been shared on NYSCI platforms. Please follow us on Instagram and Twitter!

Learning at the YouTube Space in Manhattan

Through YouTube’s non-profit program, Explainer TV is able to access their educational workshops, held at their Manhattan production facility. This summer, our students attended classes on RED digital cameras, Adobe Editing, Sketch Writing, Storytelling and Video Fundamentals. These classes build on their technical skills base and provide them a valuable opportunity to meet other content creators, as well as learn from industry professionals across multiple production-based fields.

Latest video releases: Aviation and Aerospace

Above and Beyond has been a favorite exhibit for many of our student producers – having earlier produced this promo video (also on the NYSCI website), as well as a second video, ‘Learn About Careers in Aviation & Aerospace, at NYSCI’s Above & Beyond!’ – which was shared across NYSCI’s Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

On NYSCI’s YouTube page, we also released: ‘Why Every Human Eye Has a Blind Spot’ (featuring NYSCI’s Seeing the Light exhibit) and ‘6 Ways You Can Help Save the Environment’.

On the Explainer TV YouTube page, we released: ‘Explainer Alumni Spotlight: Kareem Wood, Engineering Manager’ and ‘Minding Your Mind with Jordan Burnham’, about a Mental Health Workshop, arranged by the Science Career Ladder’s Danny Clase, for Explainers and Associate Producers in the Friedman Center.

Upcoming videos: ToL, Bolt Brite & more

We have many videos currently in production. Some highlights include:

  • A Top of the Ladder video to be screened at the Evening of Science and Inspiration Gala – featuring interviews with ToL winner and Senior Explainer Katarina Wengerter, as well as VP of Youth Development, Priya Mohabir.
  • A video on the NYSCI exhibit ‘Imaging Women in the Space Age’, featuring an interview with curator Dr Julie Wosk (and featuring Marcia Rudy).
  • A video on the Design Lab exhibit Bolt Brite, featuring interviews with Exhibits staff Dana Schloss, Karl Szilagi and Amelia Merker.

Imagine Science Film Festival: Student Entry

This year, some of our Explainer TV high school students submitted a short film to the Imagine Science Film Festival. After finding out about the opportunity with only two weeks until the submission deadline – they immediately kicked into gear, leveraging the skills they’ve developed through our program: brainstorming, scripting, storyboarding, recruiting actors, scouting locations, shooting and finally collaboratively editing their film.

The production, titled Project Ortus – is about an Artificial Intelligence researcher obsessed with developing the first human form of AI by 2020. The leadership and teamwork displayed on this student-led project was inspiring – especially as this was their summer break, and the many hours they dedicated in at NYSCI were not part of their Explainer TV commitments. The team was able to submit the film with more than an hour to spare until the deadline! Thank you also to Jasmine Maldonado for lending us her lab coats! You can view their short film here.

As a postscript to this story – an Explainer TV alumni, Genesis Moran, is now a volunteer judge with Imagine Science Film Festival, as well as being a Lead Instructor with Code Advantage. She stays in regular contact with our program, sometimes mentoring our current students and attending extra-curricular events as an Alumni member.