Ema knew from the start that working in a science museum was the right decision. She has always been interested in science and is currently majoring in biology. But in spite of the advanced science courses she had been exposed to, Ema soon realized just how different understanding science is from explaining science. “The ideas were in my head, but I couldn’t find the words of where to begin to explain how something worked,” Ema said.

As a NYSCI Explainer, Ema was encouraged to develop her communication skills to better express her ideas to the public. “I began as a shy person,” she said, “But now I have no trouble presenting myself confidently in front of my colleagues, executives and visitors.”  The development of her traits and skills has helped foster a sense of accomplishment that Ema says she will take wherever she goes. “There’s a satisfaction in knowing that science is for everyone, and not just for confirmed science enthusiasts such as myself. On the job, you see that everyone is innately enthusiastic about science.”