As the fiscal year closes, the Explainer Leadership Team share some fun and exciting program milestones we will be celebrating. We also would like to take the time to thank the NYSCI community for all of the support you have provided that helped us in accomplishing all of this.


Graduating Explainers

Our high school Explainers are headed to an array of schools in the fall of 2018. Throughout the year the Science Career Ladder has served 28 high school seniors. 100% will be attending colleges ranging from CUNY and SUNYs to college institutions all over the nation. 75% intend to or have declared a major in STEM. From submitting their financial aid to nerve-wracking college entrance exams, these Explainers have navigated this process all while being active participants in the Science Career Ladder and wearing the red apron with pride.

Here are a few of the schools our Explainers will be attending in the fall:

City College

Cornell University

Hunter College

Lafayette College

Northwestern University

New York University

Ohio State

Queens College

Queensborough CC

Quinnipiac University

Smith College

St. John’s University

Stony Brook University

University at Buffalo

University of Chicago

University of Southampton

Wellesley College

York College


2018 High School Graduates.

2018 will mark another year of our Explainers finishing their undergraduate studies. Our college students are graduating with degrees ranging from Psychology, Biology, Biochemistry, to Business and Sociology from schools like Hunter, City College, St. Johns, University of Michigan and Lehman College just to name a few. As they embark on their journeys many will be entering their respective fields with some continuing on to graduate school and others staying on with the Science Career Ladder as they plan their next steps. Please join us in celebrating this achievement and recognizing the hard work our Explainer graduates have put in.

2018 College Graduates.


Designers-in-Residence at STEM Career Expo

The Designers-in-Residence (DiR) program pairs NYSCI’s Explainers with makers, educators, artists, technicians, architects, and engineers to develop new work or components of existing projects, test ideas with the public, and introduce different perspectives into the way NYSCI presents information and engages with our multiple audiences. This year, 15 of our Explainers collaborated with a Designer-in-Residence to produce original activities and projects. During STEM Career Expo 2018, two groups of Explainers presented the work they produced in collaboration with their Designers-in-Residence and proved to be very popular among the evenings near 400 guests.

Amber Ali and Saif Zaidi presenting.
Explainers Amber Ali, Saif Zaidi, and Walter Dominguez presented a VR/AR activity they created in collaboration with Designer in Residence Jaehyun Kim, whose work focuses on different ways that NYSCI’s audience can engage in VR/AR. The activity allowed visitors to explore different animal behaviors while learning how AR works and was designed to complement the Wild Minds exhibit.

Explainer Kumari Biswas presenting.
Explainers Kumari Biswas, Samantha Wong, and Yuliya Krygina presented games they prototyped through their work in Game Design with the Killer Snails team, which focused on how NYSCI exhibit content can be transformed into games.


Career Trips

Over the last year, our Explainers have attended a variety of trips. Some of the sites our students have visited are NIKE, Pepsi, and Neuberger Berman. These trips aim to create awareness about the many avenues STEM intersect with. Whether in fashion design, finance or food industries the impact of STEM is far-reaching and all-encompassing.

Explainers attend a field trip to Nike Soho.


Alumni Outreach

As Explainers exit the Science Career Ladder they receive support as alumni. By way of free individual volunteer opportunities such as peer mentoring, museum membership and career support alumni Explainers are provided with several ways to engage with the program. Also, In the summer of 2017, we launched an alumni survey to gauge the impact of the Science Career Ladder as our Explainers venture off into the real world.

Here are some insights and findings from the data we collected with our surveyors at the Princeton Research and Evaluation Partners:

  • SCL alumni consist of over 2,000 former student Explainers.
  • 80 percent of SCL alumni say that their NYSCI Explainer experience influenced their career pathway.
  • SCL alumni re-engage with the program in a variety of ways such as:
    • Peer to peer mentoring
    • Access to career support
    • Workshop offerings
    • Museum programming


Workshop Growth

Explainers in our program are required to attend our many workshop offerings. The core principles of our workshops are based on providing Explainers with knowledge of contributing to the workforce, understanding of early financial literacy concepts like 401ks, credit cards, and loans as well as best practices for succeeding in college and beyond. With this focus, we have begun partnering with organizations that have these goals in mind. Through the course of the last two fiscal years, the Science Career Ladder has collaborated with Cents-ability to further define our financial literacy workshop offerings.

Our next workshop partnership with Minding your Mind is set to handle the topic of mental health. It will be the first of its kind offered to our Explainers. Our high school to college workshop will also navigate the topic of mental health. Michelle Rivera alumnae of the Explainer program who now works as a mental health counselor will be offering a presentation on stress management and coping skills for our high school seniors heading off to college in the fall. It is important we give our Explainers awareness of skills that will help them establish a footing as participants in the workforce and as contributing members of society. These workshops help with these efforts and are constantly evolving in anticipation of the changing career and social landscapes.

Networking activity from our Career Development workshop.