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Sunday, May 19, 2019

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Flight of the Butterflies 3D

July 1, 2018 to June 14, 2019

Follow hundreds of millions of butterflies as they make one of the longest migrations on Earth to a place they have never known.

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Planet Power 3D

November 12, 2018 to June 30, 2019

Explore the history of electricity – from the first spark created by man’s hand to today’s industrial power plants.

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Backyard Wilderness 3D

February 2, 2019 to September 30, 2019

Discover the unexpected wonders of nature that are right in our own backyards.

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Through the Narrows: Meditations on an Adirondack River

February 2, 2019 to May 27, 2019

Photographer Kristin V. Rehder uses black-and-white film photographs to explore the Oswegatchie River.

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Celebrating Water: Photography by Heidi Fuhrman

February 16, 2019 to June 7, 2019

View photos taken in the New York City region that celebrate water in its diverse forms as ice, fresh water, and fog.

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Princeton's Art of Science 2014

March 21, 2019 to June 30, 2019

The Princeton's Art of Science 2014 exhibition showcases images of artistic merit created during the course of scientific research.

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Mundos Alternos at NYSCI: Alien Toy by Rubén Ortiz Torres

April 7, 2019 to August 18, 2019

On view at NYSCI is artist Rubén Ortiz Torres’s Alien Toy (La Ranfla Cósmica) (1997) as part of Queens Museum's Mundos Alternos: Art and Science Fiction in the Americas.

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Solar Cat

April 22, 2019 to June 30

Solar Cat is the cutest solar panel ever made – and it can charge your phone, too!

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Apollo 11: First Steps Edition 2D

May 17, 2019 to January 21

Coinciding with the 50th anniversary of NASA's Apollo 11 landing on the moon, experience the adventure in real life with never-before-seen footage of the historic lunar mission.

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LEGO Challenges

May 19, 2019 • 10 am – 5:30 pm

Design and build out solutions to a range of Lego challenges from building the tallest tower, to designing a marble maze, to creating pixelated images and more.

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Construction with Rigamajigs

May 19, 2019 • 10 am – 5:30 pm

Collaborate, design and build large simple machine structures with Rigamajigs, a large scale building kit consisting of wooden planks, wheels, pulleys, nuts, bolts and rope.

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Prototype Lab

May 19, 2019 • 10 am – 5:30 pm

Prototype new design and engineering ideas for activities in Design Lab.

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Imagination Playground Block Building

May 19, 2019 • 10 am – 5:30 pm

Design structures and obstacle courses with big blue blocks in Design Lab.

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Little Makers: Nature Engineers

May 19, 2019 • 10:30 am – 12:15 pm

Birds have special ways of finding and using unique materials to make their homes – explore the science and engineering behind nest making and transform recycled materials into a nest of your own.

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Make It: Felt Painting

May 19, 2019 • 1:30 – 5 pm

Explore the art of needle felting to create unique works of wool art.

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