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Weather the Weather
An International Exhibition of “Weather Inspired Art” by the SciArt Initiative
Exhibition Curator: Marnie Benney

Weather is an expression of the true force of nature. Despite advances in technology, wind and rain delay our flights, snow closes our institutions, and overexposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays damages our DNA. Weather events change the face of our planet; the last ice age covered our northern hemisphere, Volcanic eruptions can lead to ash clouds which remain in our stratosphere for years, and hurricanes alter the shape of our coastlines. A major challenge in conceptualizing our future on other planets is the challenge of weather; in environments like Mars without rain, massive dust storms envelop the whole planet for weeks.

Despite the problems that it may cause us, the weather is often a joy of life. It is our favorite excuse to take the afternoon off, and provides some of Earth’s most breathtaking moments. The weather is ever-present, often dramatic, and always uncontrollable. Submissions for this exhibition cover the topics of studying, understanding, and experiencing the weather.
Statement by Exhibition Curator: Marnie Benney

Participating Artists:
Uli Ap, Pamela Bain & James Josephides, Isabel Beavers, Diane Burko & Anna Tass, Graciela Cassel, Geoffrey Drake-Brockman, Melissa Fleming, Michael Flomen, Angela Gilmour, Richelle Gribble, Cat Gwynn, Christopher Hanusa, Brenda Perry Herrera, Anthony Horth, Grant Johnson, Tsung Lin Hsieh, Dana Montlack, Janine Randerson, Weili Shi, Krista Steinke, and Nancy Gruver Van Wagoner.

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