The Hidden Mathematics


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Image: Window to the Golden Temple #2, 1995, acrylic paint and Prismacolor pencils on rag paper.

View images hand created by Vandorn Hinnant that employ ancient rules of geometric construction. Hinnant uses a compass, straight edge, graphite markers, color pencils and metallic inks to create his works.

These images, created by hand by Vandorn Hinnant, employ ancient rules of geometric construction. They focus on the visible lines and curves that connect the points in a harmonized symmetry of patterns possessing the potential of seemingly infinite complexity and exquisite beauty. Hinnant used graphite, coloring pencils, metallic inks, a compass and a straight edge to make the circles, arcs and lines of the images. The works focus on nonrepresentational subject matter and harmoniously balanced patterns of shapes and colors.

Pieces are grouped: those with strong geometric components – deliberately orchestrated patterns of circles, angular shapes and a spiral – and an emphasis on luminescent color. Some images are mandalas – visual devices for meditative contemplation – with symmetrically interconnected and overlapping circles, spirals, lines and angular forms.
Math is hidden in every composition – borne out of a relationship of four unit circles, leading to the development of triangles, squares, hexagons and pentagons. This creates a new way of looking at geometry and mathematics.

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