The Fairy Rings: Mycoremediation Mother Patch


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Working with NYSCI Explainers, Designer-in-Residence Jan Mun has created a stand-alone diorama with living mushrooms mycelium, enclosed with a map of Newtown Creek etched onto clear acrylic with cartography by Ed Jacobus. This exhibit is accompanied by three take-away posters with critical information: An Introduction to Urban (Soil) Bioremediation, Contaminants of Concern, and Newtown Creek Map.

The project activates Mun’s use of mycoremediation and art to innovate bioremediation practices for a historically contaminated community on the border of Queens and Brooklyn. To realize this part of the project, she worked with six NYSCI Explainers to build an awareness campaign to support her ultimate goal to conduct a New York City-supported scientific field experiment on bioremediation on the footprint of a former oil tank along Newtown Creek. The project is part of Mun’s ongoing engagement with the waterway to research the use of bioremediation to reduce toxins in the environment.

The NYSCI Explainers involved in this project are Shana Anton, Elijah Browne, Peter Ciavarella, Fatema Khuda, Rocio Martinez, and Navida Rukhsha.

Free with NYSCI admission. Learn more about the Designers-in-Residence Program at NYSCI.

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