The Art of Science – The Science of Art: Works on Paper by Gloria Garfinkel


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View prints by Gloria Garfinkel spanning over 20 years and inspired by the night sky. The exhibition was organized through Katharine T. Carter & Associates.

From six decades of art making that includes sculpture, printmaking, painting and bookmaking, this selection from seven series of prints represents over 20 years of Ms. Garfinkel’s interest in how art and science connect with one another.

The inspiration for several of the print series is from astronomy – observing the night sky far from city lights. The artist’s creative ideas are also sparked from the viewing of life and nature filtered through an aesthetic vision: the shape of forms, the pattern of textures, and the way colors work together to form harmonies.

A seasoned traveler, Ms. Garfinkel and her husband have traversed the globe and these trips have inspired decades of visual ideas. Several trips to Japan have culminated in painting and print series, as have trips to Iceland and Antarctica. Yet often times, inspiration comes from home – the night sky in upstate New York that provides the artist with the greatest sense of travel –to that of the universe and beyond.

This exhibition is free with NYSCI admission.


Image shown: 55 Cancri, a woodcut monoprint collage by Gloria Garfinkel. 


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