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Stop by and see how NYSCI’s model railroading experiment is progressing. The model railway was built with analog (not digital) equipment from the German model train maker Marklin. Marklin was founded in 1859 and pioneered the Gauge H0 model in 1935. The bulk of the equipment on this layout dates from the 1950 – 80s. The starting and stopping of the trains on this automatic layout are controlled by the signals. The signals are connected to contact tracks that send an electrical impulse to the signal when a locomotive rolls over a contact track. This sets the signal to red or green accordingly. The switching of the electromagnetic turnouts is accomplished in the same manner.

Model railroading teaches principals of electrical circuitry, planning and working within a system. It also teaches problem-solving and promotes creativity. Most of the trains, rails, and buildings from The Analog Line experiment is from the collection of NYSCI’s Exhibit Prototyper Karl Szilagi, with some recent additions provided by the museum to complete the layout. Karl was given his first train by his mother in 1968 and the transformer from that little set is helping to power this layout.

Free with NYSCI admission.

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