Teaching Neuroscience and Physiology – A Workshop With Backyard Brains

A Workshop With Backyard Brains 

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Are you a teacher who might be thinking about including human physiology and neuroscience in your current life science, biology, anatomy and physiology, or AP biology courses? Or maybe you’re considering developing a stand-alone neuroscience course? Whatever your reason for wanting to teach neuroscience and physiology might be, we hope you’ll join us at NYSCI for an all-day workshop featuring the second module of a National Institutes of Health (NIH)-supported Project-Based Neuroscience curriculum from Backyard Brains.

This workshop is appropriate for middle and high school (6-12) life science teachers.

Participants will work on parts of the curriculum using new neuroscience tools/resources from Backyard Brains in order to encourage all students to be curious about neuroscience. Science is of course about answering questions, and this curriculum is specifically driven by student-generated questions.

Teachers will work with a draft of the second curriculum module, along with the new Muscle SpikerBox Pro units and learn how to adapt the curriculum to their own classroom. This is a new unit, so we hope that you will be able to provide us feedback on how to improve the curriculum to work best across your classrooms. With this workshop, our goal is to provide you a neuroscience and physiology curriculum to help your students meet or exceed NGSS standards when appropriate, but at the same time have the flexibility to help guide your instruction in a biology, anatomy and physiology, or neuroscience class.
What’s included?
● FREE Full-day workshop
● Presented by Backyard Brains educators
● Access to a new curriculum from Backyard Brains
● One Muscle SpikerBox Pro per attendee
● Networking with like-minded biology teachers

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