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We are extending museum hours on April 24 to allow for more family fun and exploration of our Sustainable Spring Break projects by current NYSCI Designers-in-Residence tackling climate change with alternative energy sources, planting practices and soil studies. Join us for the launch of Krystal Persaud’s SolarCat, and visit Marco Castro Cosio’s ice cream truck, which has been turned into a mobile garden with its green roof.

Nightly talks:

5:30 pm: Designer-in-Residence Marco Castro Cosio, and his Explainer collaborators, will discuss the Bus Roots project and where this project will go throughout the summer.
6:15 pm: Designer-in-Residence Krystal Persaud, and her Explainer collaborators, will discuss the technology, research and creative process behind Solar Cat.

Free with NYSCI admission, except where otherwise noted.


Design Lab Activities
Design Lab, Lower Level
Enjoy Design Lab’s sustainability-focused activities and participate in Extreme Events and Urban Planning in Empty Spaces, two activities created by CUSP (Climate & Urban Systems Partnership). CUSP is dedicated to improving public understanding of climate change by helping urban residents see local, city-specific climate impacts and solutions. NYSCI is a proud member of this partnership.

Solar Cat
Tech Gallery, Upper Level
Get excited about renewable energy with Solar Cat: The Cutest Solar Panel Ever Made. The exhibit centers around a giant, 140 watt cat-shaped solar panel that is mounted to the window. During Spring Break Late, join the the Solar Cat team as they celebrate the launch of this exciting project. Play a game of Climate Change – True or False, or get creative and design your own solar panel.

Solar Cat was created by NYSCI Designer-in-Residence, Krystal Persaud, designer and founder of Grouphug (, in collaboration with NYSCI Explainers Kristian Roopnarine, Estefany Gomez, and Sophia Madonia, with support from Electrical Engineer, Kristin Salomon.

Join the Bus Roots Movement!
Great Hall Terrace, Upper Level
Get a sneak peak of Bus Roots. Meet Designer-in-Residence, Marco Castro Cosio, and his Explainer collaborators to learn how a renovated ice cream truck can become a mobile garden and help people explore the benefits of green spaces and urban food distribution. Participate in a plant identification challenge to earn a prize!

3D Movies:
3D Theater, Upper Level
Planet Power at 5 pm
Backyard Wilderness at 5:45 pm
Flight of the Butterflies at 6:30 pm
$6 adults; $5 children, students & seniors, plus NYSCI admission. Members: $4 per person.
Free for Family Explorer members.

The Science Playground:
Tech Gallery, Upper Level
Enjoy NYSCI’s outdoor playground for extended hours until 6:30 pm.
$5 per child (free for adults during the evening on 4/24)
Free for NYSCI Premium and Family Explorer members.

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