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Get excited about renewable energy with Solar Cat: The Cutest Solar Panel Ever Made, located in the Upper Level, Tech Gallery near the exit to the Science Playground.

The exhibit centers around a giant, 140-watt cat-shaped solar panel that is mounted to the window. The energy harvested by Solar Cat powers an adjacent interactive pedestal that features fun facts and diagrams about how solar panels work. Visitors can flip a switch to send Solar Cat’s harvested energy to power up a model house. Visitors can also charge their phones using one of two built-in USB ports that are powered by Solar Cat. This exhibit not only educates visitors about solar technology, but demonstrates how creativity and design can push technology to be more accessible.

Solar Cat was created by NYSCI Designer-in-Residence, Krystal Persaud, designer and founder of Grouphug, in collaboration with NYSCI Explainers Kristian Roopnarine, Estefany Gomez and Sophia Madonia, with support from electrical engineer Kristin Salomon.

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