Art that reflect on the topic of food from all angles 

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This 18th art-science, juried exhibition organized by Art & Science Collaborations, Inc. includes more than two dozen images of art that reflect on the topic of food from all angles: from the historical record to the elite haute-cuisine of today’s “molecular gastronomy”; as a physical material for making or inspiring art, or as a vehicle for stimulating important community discussion.

Free with NYSCI admission.

Artists include:
Stefani Allegretti (United States), Andrea Baatz (United States), Pat Badani (United States), Myka Baum (England), Matt Bereza & Lee Fearnside (United States), Debra Bianculli (United States), Mary Ann Biehl (United States), Don Cooper(United States), Galina Dargery (United States), Carol Devine (Canada), Shoshanah Dubiner (United States), Lyubava Fartushenko (Canada), Gints Gabrans (Latvia), Michael Hadley & Elaine Reynolds (United States), Mary Johnson(China), Ken Knowlton (United States), Juni Kusumanto (The Netherlands), Chantal Lefebvre (Canada), Maria Michails(United States), Debra Olin (United States), Mariona Otero (England), Pamela Parker (United States), Michele Parliament(United States), Pablo Perea & Linda Storm (United States), Ari Richter (United States), Kazuma Sambe (United States),Danling Xiao (Australia), and Timur York (United States).


Top Image: Future Fish by Don Cooper

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