Rocket Park Recess: Move

Join us for workshops that teach different and fun ways to move and exercise. 

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Learn about momentum, energy and different forms of transportation at workshops that teach different and fun ways to move and exercise. Free with NYSCI admission.

Monkey Spot Scavenger Hunt: Discover the causes and effects of movement throughout NYSCI.

Open session parkour obstacle course with The Movement Creative: Try out Movement Creative’s obstacle course and learn the basics of Parkour, a playful platform of movement that encourages interaction between our bodies and environment, and encourages curiosity, experimentation, strength-building, self-confidence and healthy living. All ages and levels of fitness are welcome. Sneakers/rubber soles are recommended.


This event is part of our Rocket Park Recess series. Rocket Park Recess events include Monkey Spot scavenger hunts by Monkey Bar Collective, demonstrations, workshops and activities outside in Rocket Park. You’ll leave each event with new ideas about our exhibits, and how to enjoy your summer break as you eat, move and hack.

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