July 7: Rocket Park Recess: Launch


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Get a little messy with some outdoor science experiments that explore how chemical reactions can launch (hand made) rockets into the air and parkour can help to maneuver our bodies through space. Free with NYSCI admission.

*Activities are weather permitting. (Today’s catapult demonstration at 1 pm & Simple Chemical Reactions will be canceled due to rain.)

Rocket Park Activities

  • Simple Chemical Reactions: Launch balloons and rockets into the air with simple chemical reactions.
  • Open session parkour obstacle course with The Movement Creative: Try out The Movement Creative’s obstacle course and learn the basics of Parkour, a playful platform of movement that encourages interaction between our bodies and environment, and encourages curiosity, experimentation, strength-building, self-confidence and healthy living.  All ages and levels of fitness are welcome. Sneakers/rubber soles are recommended.
  • Launch of Giant Catapult, Chuck: (1 pm) In the Back Field.  Watch our catapult, Chuck, toss watermelons in the air.
  • This event has passed.
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