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Families bend, twist, light, sculpt and animate a new version of the holiday season with workshops, demos, artist installations and more.

ReMake the Holidays is a response to increased consumption and waste during the holiday season and an attempt to give people inspiration and options to do things differently while having fun. Activities occur from noon – 4 pm, unless otherwise noted. Free with NYSCI admission.

Each day will focus on different recyclable materials:
December 27 – Textiles
December 28 – Paper
December 29 – Plastic
December 30 – Wood


Special Features and Projects

  • Daily shadow puppet-making studio and performances by Midnight Radio Show. Workshops: 12, 12:45, 1:30, 2:15 pm. Performances: 3:30pm.
  • Skraptacular returns with daily workshops for its 6th Anniversary with ReMake the Holidays.
  • Ice sculptor Bill Bywater is back with a melting ice cap display, sculpted out of 4 giant blocks of ice, and daily ice sculpting. Daily ice sculpting tools demonstrations at 2pm.


Daily Activities


December 27 – Textiles

Fabric with Skraptacular: Create and decorate fun objects using a bunch of really cute reused fabric scraps and other recycled materials.

Little Buddies with Maker Space: Recycle t-shirts and make a new plush friend! In this activity, visitors will practice their hand sewing using donated t-shirts and fabric to design and make themselves a new stuffed buddy.

Fuzzy Felting Balls with Little Makers: Transform colorful fluffy wool into tiny balls as you practice the craft of felting. Explore the science behind natural fibers using various tools and materials.

Embroidery with Design Lab: Bring your own gloves or use our fabric scraps to learn to draw with thread.


December 28 – Paper

Recycled Paper with Skraptacular: Make fun creations like buildings, toys, dolls, doll furniture and everything else your imagination can dream up.

Paper Lanterns with Maker Space: For the paper day, visitors will be able to make an individualized, glowing holiday decoration from folded paper. Makerspace visitors will be able to poke a design of their choosing into their paper, fold it up, insert a light and watch it shine

Printmaking with Design Lab: Design and print snowflake patterns.


December 29 – Plastic

Plastic with Skraptacular: Roll with it! Using plastic bottle caps as wheels to make pull toys, cars and other fun stuff that rolls.

Shrinky Dinks and Tiny Artwork with Maker Space: Turn recycled plastic into incredible, shrinking, works of art! In this activity, visitors will have the opportunity to design and draw original artwork on recycled plastic, and then watch it shrink when heat is applied.

Colorful Glue Sun Catchers with Little Makers: Explore light and color while experimenting with glue and transforming it into plastic. Make a sun catcher to hang in your favorite sunny spot all winter long!

Straw Creations with Design Lab: Use straws and plastic connectors to build interesting objects.


December 30 – Wood

Wood with Skraptacular: Come Sail Away! Using discarded wood scraps to make boats or whatever else you can dream up.

Wood Marbling with Maker Space: During this activity, visitors will be transforming recycled wood scraps into beautiful, marbled works of art. They will mix and swirl floating paint into amazing patterns, and dip their scraps creating incredible designs!

Wood Puzzles with Design Lab: Design and cute a personalized puzzle.

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