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Bend, twist, light, sculpt and animate a new version of the holiday season with workshops, demos, artist installations and more. ReMake the Holidays is a response to increased consumption and waste during the holiday season and an attempt to give people pause, inspiration and options to do things differently, while having fun! This year’s event will focus on a different recyclable material each day. Daily features include ice sculpting with Bill Bywater and the Climate Confessional that will be recorded and aired on The Adaptors. Activities are free with NYSCI admission, unless otherwise noted.

December 27: Plastic Projects
•    Jump into the New Year by making plastic bag jump ropes with the folks from Skraptacular.
•    Hand cut stickers and holiday cards with NYSCI’s Maker Space staff.
•    Holiday light hacking with NYSCI Explainers.
•    Make a plastic bottle lantern with NYSCI Explainers.

December 28: Paper Projects
•    Make eco pop-up puppets with Skraptacular.
•    Create paper lanterns with NYSCI’s Maker Space staff.
•    Paper Gadgets: Activate your paper sculptures with light and sound with Invent-abling.
•    Join a button-making workshop with NYSCI Explainers.
•    Create “recyle-gami” with Fold and Tell.

December 29: Fabric & Sewing Projects
•    Skrap Fabric Frenzy – Make fun outfits for cork and wire dolls with Skraptacular.
•    ReMake the Fabric Patch with Embroidery in NYSCI’s Maker Space.
•    Learn to sew and remake your fabric with Joe Beau Ties. Sessions: 12:30; 1:30 & 2:30 pm. Register now. $6 per person, plus NYSCI admission. (Members: $4 per person.)

•    Control Colors with Soft Circuits! – Learn how to sew a light circuit with switches that allow you to change the color of the light with Invent-abling.

•    Little Makers: In Stitches — Explore new tools and materials while practicing hand sewing skills.

•    Print fabric with NYSCI Explainers. Participants will need to preregister online and bring their own fabric item to remake. Sessions: noon, 12:30, 1, 1:30, 2:30, 3, & 3:30 pm. Register now. $3 per person, plus NYSCI admission. (Members: $2 per person.)

December 30: Metal and Glass Projects

•    Wired to Wire – Make cork and wire dolls with Skraptacular.
•    Create lanterns out of soda cans with NYSCI’s Maker Space staff.
•    Holiday light hacking with NYSCI Explainers.
•    Join our Glass bottle Vase Etching workshop with NYSCI Explainers. Participants will need to preregister online and bring their own glass bottle to remake. Sessions: noon, 12:30, 1, 1:30, 2:30, 3 & 3:30 pm. Register now. $3 per person, plus NYSCI admission. (Members: $2 per person.)

ReMake Late: For Adults (December 30, 5 – 8 pm; $15 per person; $11 per Member)
Kids shouldn’t have all the fun this holiday season! ReMake activities and workshops will continue into the evening on December 30 so adults can also join in on this annual making festival.
•    Ice sculpt with Bill Bywater.

•    The Climate Confessional by The Adaptors.

•    Sew to remake fabric items with with Joe Beau Ties.

•    Activating Origami – Paper does not have to sit still! Experiment with folding, structure and basic vibrational movement to bring your paper sculptures to life. With simple re-useable parts and instruction from Invent-abling, you will learn how to make a basic paper robot.

•    Join our Glass Bottle Etching workshop with NYSCI Explainers.

•    Get creative with those champagne cork baskets with Skraptacular.


Daily Features

NYSCI’s favorite ice sculptor, Bill Bywater, will focus his ice sculpting skills to highlight endangered wildlife, while providing audience members with an on-going demonstration of ice sculpting tools and techniques. Daily demonstrations: Ice Sculpting Tools at 2:30pm; The Albedo Effect at 3 pm.

The Climate Confessional

Confess the thing you’re doing – or not doing – that makes you feel guilty about climate change. During peak times, climate counselors—Sara Harris, Katie Mandes, Zack Kopplin and Beth Karlin—will be available to offer “penance” and solutions to help ease your conscience. Your confession will be recorded and aired on The Adaptors, a new public radio podcast and website with host Flora Lichtman that tells the stories of people adapting to a changing planet. The new podcast is a project from SoundVision Productions in Berkeley with support from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.


Sara Harris
Senior Instructor
Dept of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences
University of British Columbia
Vancouver, BC

Sara Harris teaches climate science at the University of British Columbia. Her current research explores people’s ideas about how Earth’s climate system works and what learning opportunities best help people develop informed opinions about climate change. She has co-authored a book called “Understanding Climate Change: Science, Policy and Practice” (2014), and co-instructed a Massive Open Online Course called “Climate Literacy: Navigating Climate Change Conversations” which involved tens of thousand of participants from around the world.

Sara’s research background is in reconstructing past variations in Earth’s oceans and climate system. She has also studied modern oceans and sailed thousands of miles with undergraduate students, as a chief scientist at Sea Education Association in Woods Hole, Massachusetts.


Beth Karlin
Director, Transformational Media Lab
University of California Irvine
Irvine, CA

Beth Karlin founded and directs the Transformational Media Lab at UC Irvine, where she studies the psychology of leveraging technology for social change. Current projects investigate energy conservation, documentary film, and digital activism. Beth has published in venues ranging from peace studies to persuasive technology and lectures regularly on Transformational Media and the Psychology of Sustainability. She earned her Bachelors degree in Psychology, Masters in Public Policy and Administration and Ph.D. in Social Ecology with an emphasis in Environmental Psychology.


Katie Mandes
Vice President for Community Engagement
Director, Make an Impact, Center for Climate and Energy Solutions
Arlington, VA

Katie Mandes is Vice President for Community Engagement and Director of Make an Impact at the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions (C2ES). She is responsible for education and outreach to communities, employees and consumers, and directs the center’s employee engagement and sustainability programs. These include Make an Impact, a program designed to empower employees and local communities to understand and reduce their individual environmental impact. Started in 2007 with founding partner Alcoa, the program has grown to include Entergy and Bank of America and has reached more than 380,000 people. The program is available in the U.S., UK, Hong Kong, and Brazil.


Zack Kopplin
Science Education Activist
Undergraduate, Rice University
Houston, TX

Zack Kopplin is a science education activist who has fought against creationism being taught with public money. He’s an undergraduate at Rice University and a graduate of Baton Rouge Magnet High School. Zack grew up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Since June, 2010, Zack has led the effort to repeal the Louisiana Science Education Act, which promotes the teaching of creationism and intelligent design in public school science class.


ReMake the Holidays is generously supported by Astoria Bank.


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