NYSCI After Dark Presents: Gigantic Mechanic’s Giant Science Showdown


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Friday, October 23, 7 – 10 pm

Location: Rocket Park.

Price: $15 / $10 for members.

Age Range: 21 years and up.


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NYSCI is welcoming the fall with an after-hours event for adults with the Giant Science Showdown, designed by Gigantic Mechanic.

Please join us for a night of science-themed games combining the competitive spirit with classic science experiments. From lasers to cork-rockets,  work in teams to compete with and against your friends in six spectacular science showdowns. Come for the games and glory, come for the science, or just come for the nostalgia.

Things are gonna get messy so don’t wear your nice shoes out to play!

This event is for participants 21 years and older.


The Giant Science Showdown Roster of Events:

You with a laser + two friends with mirrors + a target & a timer = need we say more?

Shell Shock 
Track and Field Day has nothing on this egg-toss. Construct a device to protect your eggs and see how far you can launch them without cracking them up.

Mazin’ Magnets
It’s true that opposites attract, at least when it comes to magnets. Pair up and attempt to magnetically maneuver your way through the maze as quickly as possible.

Borax Bounce
Make a bouncy ball. Bounce the bouncy ball into cups. Win points. Polymers, not PBRs make this game a challenge.

Aerodynamic Acrobatics
We couldn’t get our hands on any rocket fuel, so if you want to win here, balloons and good old fashioned physics will have to get your plane off the table and highest in the sky.

Bicarbonate Blast-off
Command your fleet to victory with the classic baking-soda & vinegar combo by knocking balloons out of the sky.



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