Nikon Small World 2016

Photomicrography Competition 

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View the winning images of the 2016 Nikon Small World Photomicrography Competition. First place was awarded to Oscar Ruiz, Ph.D. for his microscopic view of the facial development of a four-day-old zebrafish embryo. In addition to Dr. Ruiz, Nikon recognized 76 other winners of the 2016 Small World competition, which is comprised of 20 winning images, 14 honorable mentions and 61 images of distinction. Scientists, photographers and hobbyists from 70 countries submitted more than 2,000 entries.

Veteran competitor Douglas Moore of Stevens Point, Wisconsin, received second place for his exquisite and colorful image of a polished slab of Teepee Canyon Agate. The third place image by Rebecca Nutbrown of Oxford, United Kingdom, depicts a culture of neurons derived from human skin cells.

The top five images are:

  • Four-day-old zebrafish embryo by Oscar Ruiz
  • Polished slab of Teepee Canyon Agate by Douglas Moore
  • Brain cells from skin cells by Rebecca Nutbrown
  • Butterfly proboscis by Jochen Schroeder
  • Front foot (tarsus) of a male diving beetle by Igor Siwanowicz

A gallery of all the winning images can be viewed on

Featured photo at top of page: Four-day-old zebrafish embryo by Oscar Ruiz.

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