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View the winning images of the 2015 Nikon Small World Photomicrography Competition. First place was awarded to Australian Ralph Grimm for his close-up image of a bee eye covered in dandelion pollen grains. Grimm is a high school teacher, self-taught photomicrographer and former beekeeper. While bee colonies continue to dwindle worldwide, Grimm hopes his image can serve as a voice for these insects that play such a critical function in pollinating the world’s crops. This year’s competition received over 2,000 entries from more than 83 countries.

The top five images from this year’s competition include:

  • Ralph Claus Grimm, Eye of a honey bee (Apis mellifera) covered in dandelion pollen.
  • Kristen Earle, Gabriel Billings, KC Huang & Justin Sonnenburg, Mouse colon colonized with human microbiota.
  • Igor Siwanowicz, Intake of a humped bladderwort (Utricularia gibba), a freshwater carnivorous plant.
  • Daniel H. Miller & Ethan S. Sokol, Lab-grown human mammary gland organoid.
  • Giorgio Seano & Dr. Rakesh K. Jain, Live imaging of perfused vasculature in a mouse brain with glioblastoma.

The panel of judges who selected the winning images included:

  • Jacqueline Howard, Science Associate Editor, Huffington Post
  • Ernie Mastroianni, Photo Editor, Discover Magazine
  • Dr. Tim Mitchison, Vice-chair of the Department, and Co-chair of the Ph.D. program in Systems Biology, Harvard Faculty and Sciences in Cambridge
  • Dr. Hari Shroff, Chief and Tenure-track investigator, Section on High-Resolution Optical Imaging, at the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (NIBIB)

Free with NYSCI admission. Click here to view the online gallery.


Image shown: Eye of a Honey Bee by Ralph Claus Grimm

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